Winter Formal

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Prom dress / Philipp Plein platform pumps / Jimmy Choo handbag

What to Wear to a Winter Formal

Winter Formals are something a lot of schools do. Actually I think mine has been doing them since middle school. Although I did a guide on how to dress for middle school this is not a middle school guide. I think this on is for girls that are a tad older. Not quite mature, but getting there. I really don't like outfits that make girls look like street walkers and its bad if you are confused for one. Even a classy one is not a good thing to be.

  • Peacock Blue Prom Dress - I know its called a prom dress, but really its not that different from an "evening dress". I love the dark rich blue that this comes in. Its the perfect winter color., actually it reminds me of icy water. The pleated fabric is also nice because it gives you a little room.
  • Jimmy Choo Minitube - $950 I really don't like clutches. The y barely hold anything and on top of that are impossible to hold. But for a winter formal it really does add elegance, and everyone else is doing it.
  • Crystal and Leather Pumps - $1980 These sparkle shoes will match the clutch perfectly. I am a really big fan of tall high heels, most likely because I'm an average height kind of girl. The only problem with these shoes it that they are kind of a one night thing. I doubt you're going to be able to find another time to wear them.
  • Cat eye - A black cat eye may not work for prom, but for a winter dance its perfect. Just enough of a darkness to make you look a little less like a prom queen (unless that's what you're going for)
  • Black nail polish - I love Essie nail polish  and in black with a little bit of sparkle is perfect.

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