What Did I do

Today, I was extremely lazy, which I have been lately. I think most of that can be blamed on the winter because of the dry cold weather. By the way has anyone else's face been peeling and flaking off dry skin. I feel like I've had to apply about five pounds of Nivea's thick cream. I don't remember doing this last year at all. Ah old people skin here I come. I've also had really nasty hair lately. I mean really nasty. It is oily and damaged that the same time. The only thing I can think of is to use my purple shampoo more often and the cheaper stuff less. I'm sure there are more creative ways to solve this problem, but right now I'm feeling lazy so it isn't going to happen.

The whole reason I wrote this post though was to tell you that I was extremely lazy today. I had a blog post I could have wrote. I could have cleaned my room, and I could have done school work. And guess what I did. Not that. I instead did something that didn't work the first time but yet for some reason I decided to try it again. Smart right? I know not really at all. At least I can just hope that I eventually get some success out of that.
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