Ugly Shorts

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Denim shorts, $9.62 / Pull&Bear jean shorts, $37 / Short shorts / Lipsy beaded shorts, $80 / Floral shorts, $41

Most of the time I like to make pretty outfit ideas for you to look at on my blog. One because I think that it is helpful to see how to dress, and two because I like how pretty things look on my blog. I have before done a post very similar to this before. It was called worst summer shorts. Even though its the winter (which I talk about all the time) people still wear shorts. In the area I live. Which in case you didn't know is really cold.

  • Lipsy Beaded Shorts - $80 These are the shorts that are at the top left. I see what they were trying to do with these, make shorts dressy. But some how some way Native American got mixed in there too. I  could almost see this working though with a white tank top. Almost.
  • Fringe Shorts - $37 These would be okay without the fringe. Not something that I'd wear around town, but on the bottoms of a bathing suit, perfectly fine. The fringe though takes this from normal to trashy girl wear in about two seconds. I actually saw a bra once with with this same kind of fringe, and it was just as bad.
  • Ice Cream Shorts - $20 These are denim, its not good. I think that if they were long fleece pants then the ice cream pattern would be perfect. Really cute actually. But when they are normal denim pants like these it seems like it was a mistake.
  • Smash Floral Shorts - $41 Floral is in right? I even have my own pair of floral jeans  but those are so different. Just look, those take a look at floral design and then recreate it. This is just a reproduction of flowers right on your pants.
  • Paneled Hot Pants - $10 The name alone should tell you this pants are bad. Hot pants are for the 90's and paneling was done on walls during the 60's oh yeah and then they have dots all over them. Look the polka dots don't even line up.
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