That's Fire

 I had a fire at my house this evening so I decided to take a few pictures of it because I really love fire. I'm pretty proud of how they turned out since I took them all with my iPhone  and not even the iPhone 5. I think they might even be better than my underwater photos.

On another note, that I might speak more about later, I just met the photo limits for the picasa web album which is where all my photos have been uploading to for my blog. They wanted me to start paying to have my pictures hosted here. I did find a way around it though which I hope isn't just a temporary fix. I just upload it to my Google Plus account and then put it on here. I'm one smart blogger, that's for sure.
 This picture has a lot of smoke, but I love how it looks like some of the fire is jumping.

 My fire pit is just a metal bucket with cinder blocks underneath, as you can see.
 I was burning cardboard that was printed with color and the color actually showed through on the flames.
 Here's the view underneath the flames.
And one last picture of the fire.  I'm off to spray Citrus Bloom Perfume to help get rid of the smoke smell.
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