Red Gelatin

I was really hungry after dinner last night, so I decided that I would try and make something for me to eat. I was wanting to find something like the soft pretzel kit, so I could make something that I would be able to have for a few days (or share with other people) but all I ended up finding was Jello, and not even that. I found gelatin which is the generic version of the brand.

And here are the instructions which are very simple as well as the serving sizes and nutrition facts. All important stuff.
I just needed one up of water to start.

 Then I put it on the stove to boil, in a pan that I actually got from my cousin who I admire for having her own apartment. I kind of want one too, but then I'd have to get a job. 
 After awhile, of not watching it, it starts to boil  and then you take it off the stove. I actually really like this picture.
 Then you put the contents of the box into a pan an pour in the hot water. 
You stir it around for awhile and then add a cup of cold water.

 Then put it in the refrigerator. Since I had this little cover on it, it took a lot longer to cool down and I didn't get to eat it until the morning.

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