Paper Life

 I really haven't done an everyday life post in forever! I remember when I said I was going to do one everyday. That lasted about half a week. My phone was getting kind of full of photos so I figured I could do this post and dump them here. Great idea right?

This first photo is of my friend's cat. He saw my black background and asked me where the cat picture was since that's almost always what I have. He then sent me a picture of his cat and that became my phone background for about two days before it when back to black.

 I did a review of a product for some site. I guess the product was "okay" but I got to keep it. You won't be seeing the review though, because with their program the review is posted on their site.

Awhile ago I used my John Frieda hair dye to make my hair blond again. I actually used the same exact color as before, and I still like it so I'll be using this color the next time as well, unless I get tired of it.

Part of a project I had to do. Did you know that baseball players play a lot of games? I thought it was like one a week, but I guess not. I really don't understand how they can get an audience if they play so often.
Words for my English class that we have to do a project over.
A speech my friend and I wrote for someone else who really isn't our friend. I'm pretty sure he didn't like it either. :( 
In a book I read in film lit there was a really good quote. So I took a picture. "Not much comes easy in this world, Sonny if it does it's best to be suspicious of it. It's probably not worth much".
A study guide that was from my college class. That I didn't use. I think its impossible to get higher than a B on his tests no matter how much work I put into it. At least the essays were easy.
A "spell" to switch bodies. I'm just going to guess it doesn't work.

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