P&G Sampler

Procter and Gamble does this little sampler thing four times a year where you go to their site and register to receive a box of samples. Well the other day I got mine and I wasn't going to post it on my blog but I figured I might as well since I do for the target beauty box . I did leave out a few of the things that aren't interesting though, like a tiny sample of floss, and some heart burn pills.

Here's the "interesting" stuff that I got. I would have taken a picture of the box as well, but the post office totally destroyed it. I mean like it was ripped open. So there might have been some things missing. Who knows.

 A little antiperspirant. I love these little sample sizes. Actually the last time I got one I did a review over the deodorant so maybe I'll do that again.  
 Inside that little pouch was a liner, pad, and two tampons. And no I will not be doing a review over them. Honestly I wouldn't even know where to start with something like that. 
 Baby wipes. I don't have a baby but I still think that I can use these for something. Maybe cleaning a counter or something. Although they are sensitive so maybe it'd work for my face. It could be like those Pond's towelettes
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