New Porch

The escape estate  along with getting trees cut down, is getting a brand new porch. But not any porch. A glass one. I didn't even know this was being done until I arrived. I mean I had heard people talking about it, But I didn't really think they were being serious. Shows what I know.

Here is some of the extra wood sitting on the deck, which leads up to the pool. It seems like it has gotten smaller, but I could be wrong.

 You used to be able to get up into the house this way but not any more. That's just going to be windows.
 The new walkway. I really love the stone path. I wish my house had something so fancy.
 Some of it without the ugly plastic. Although this isn't much prettier.
 This is the floor, although I think something else will go over it. Maybe.
This will be the new entry way. I was told the big open space is for stained glass doors.
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