My Christmas List

Christmas is coming up. I used to make wishlists like these all the time when I was little, but it seems like once I got to high school they just kind of stopped. This year though I decided that  I would make a full list of what I want for Christmas. Just to make it easier for my parents ;)
13 inch Mac Book Pro with Retina display. $2000. I'm going off to college in a few months and I really need a computer that I can trust. That is not my current computer at all.  I guess I could do without the Retina display though and save $500.

Marc Jacobs Pretty Nylon Computer Commuter in Anemone Multi. I haven't picked out my classes yet, but I doubt I'm going to need a big bag to carry around all my books because its a small campus and I can just go back to my car and get stuff so this bag would be perfect. Not to mention its adorable. $118

Tiffany Twist Bow Earrings. $600. Back when I bought my Tiffany and Co Pendant  I saw these earrings and really liked them. The only problem was that I could only have one thing, so these became my second choice. But I really want them for Christmas. 

Chanel Makeup Brushes $28-$65. I have a picture of the large eye shadow brush, but really I don't care which ones I get. I did a Chanel wishlist  before and really anything in that post would be a perfect Christmas present for me.

I also want scarfs, maybe a winter coat, and Victoria's Secret gift cards. I think it would be awkward to have other people go buy me bras and panties, although I did do a Victoria's Secret haul before so I guess I'm not to shy. I think I want a pair of their yoga pants too, because they look so comfy.

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