More than Nervous

I haven't been blogging all that much lately, even though I had previously set a goal of posting at least one post a day (which I knew was going to be hard to do). I could have taken the easy way and just made a ton of polyvores, like my rain wear one and posted them to a schedule, but that would kind of take away from my blog. I mean this really was started to be a diary. I did find something that could at least take a few days of blogging up... Writing about my future. I'm going to start with what I plan on doing for school today, and then in the next few days I think I'm going to focus more on my career goals and life goals, such as a house, family etc. 

I remember awhile back I talked about how I was going to go to a small private school, and how I had gotten a fairly nice scholarship that made the price work out. Well nothing has changed about the school or the money I would be getting, but my mind has. I think that I want to go instead to a state school even though I really don't like that they are so big. They have more majors to pick from and I think that I'll have to get either a masters or a doctorate and a well known state school would transfer much easier than a lesser known private school, even if both are nice schools.

Speaking of nice schools, my area has a ton that are close enough that I can easily drive to them. I guess that's just how luck would have it. Here is my plan though.

Since I'm graduating mid term my options are actually a lot better, funny since I thought they would be limited at first. I actually get through a lot of things.

The school I want to go to now makes you live in the dorms if you are a freshman, so I can up with a great idea. Which I checked with the school to make sure it works. I go my first semester (as well as summer school)  to one of their campuses that is closer to my home and then start at the main campus in the fall, this keeps me from being considered a freshman, but allows me to still get the scholarships from the school since technically my diploma will say I graduated in 2013. I think this makes me a genius.

I'll be taking summer school every year as well as a full class load so I should be able to finish school early, which is great because as I mentioned before I'll have to get a masters or a doctorate. What I get depends on what I major in, which I'm still not sure about. I'm either going to major in finance and then get my MBA or I'll major in psychology and get my doctorate. 

Since this post has so many words, I figured I'd add a not very flattering, unfiltered picture of me, just for fun. Its basically how I look every day. No makeup, just purple circle lenses  and BB cream. Oh and look I'm wearing a Tj Maxx sweater. And notice the washer in the background? That's because I'm in the room where I TA. 
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