Mad Bird Life

I'm starting to get a little tired of all these polyvores I've been doing lately, so I can only imagine how you, the reader, feel about them. But I guess it could just be me since I've had to do a ton of school work today (and have a ton left to do for tomorrow). I hope that's the case. Really though I need to find some other way to get blog content. These are easy to make and look much nicer than self shots, but really? It is just kind of a lazy blogger thing. I do though feel the need to post twice a day to kind of make up for my lack of posts recently. At least this polyvore isn't as bad as the guide for fat girl dresses, now that is lazy.

I'm not sure if you saw it or not, although I hope you did, but my first post of the day was for the Activison Summit, because those people gave me a ton of stuff. They didn't even require I blog about it. Tomorrow, I plan on blogging about the summit itself which I'll be viewing online which you can do too. Thanks to it though I've got a brand new sleeping buddy, an Angry Birds stuffed animal. He's really soft too. 

I could write about a million paragraphs on how much I love the stuff that Activison sent me because it really is all amazing stuff. Of course there were only a few things that I could use, but that's because I don't have a lot of the game systems that other people seem to have. I was actually going to play the Xbox games today and tell you about them, but after I wrote my English essay which I just finished, I really am too tired. My essay is amazing in case you're curious. 

Tomorrow I plan on writing about my future plans in life, but I have an AP Stats test to study for, so that might be postponed a few days, but I'm still going to try for two posts a day. This will then further postpone what I think will be the best blog post I'm going to do, one about my future blogging plans and goals as well as how much I currently make and who sponsors me.  

I hope that my school work doesn't become too overwhelming because I'm already starting to get tired of it since I'm graduating so soon. I also have a lot of exciting things going on in my life right now and I can't do them if school takes up all my time... That reminds me I'm way behind on some of my math homework. 

If this post was really boring for you, you can always just look at my new Angry Bird Stuffed animal!

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