Logging in the Woods

 I went back to the Escape Estate  for a late Thanksgiving and they were logging. Now this may sound like a terrible thing cutting down the trees, global warming, that kind of thing, but really its not. When logging is a problem is when it is done poorly. Where people strip away the trees and clear all the land. This is more of a thinning of the trees.
 It does look like they took a lot though. There are a ton of stacks. But you have to remember there are 50+ acres of woods so there are a lot of trees. Well and there is a creek running through it.
 My hand in comparison to a tree trunk. I only kept it because it was an awkward accidental shot and because my hand looks like an old lady's.

 The tracks the loggers made. After they are done they come through and clean it all up.
Two of their machines. It really must be expensive to be a logger because there were three other big machines like these.
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