Life of Future

I already wrote about what I wanted to do for school, which actually ended up being a pretty drawn out post. It explains my exact plans for school. I wanted to make it brief but that didn't really work out. I do however want to make a blog post about what I want to do with my life, so I'll see if I can make this one a little less involved. I seriously doubt it.

When I'm 23 I want a house and a dog. Not really a man because I think that I can be an independent person for at least a little bit of time in my life. I plan on living at home all though college so its not like it will be happening then. That I'll be doing for two reasons. One to save almost ten thousand dollars a year, and two because I have it really easy.  I have someone that cooks, and someone to do my laundry. Who wouldn't want that.

For my house I already have one picked out. Its about $400k though so, its a little unrealistic since I refuse to get any type of loan. You end up paying way too much interest. Since I will most likely have just gotten my first real job the pay would be about $50,000 which is good, but no where near enough to get a house like that. That's where I want my blogging to step in.

Right now I don't make near enough money in ads, or get enough stuff to even really consider this a good part time job, so there is a lot of growth to be done. I will actually do a post all about my blogging future coming up soon. I am however excited about the free video games I got, although that was almost just chance.

About that dog... I really want a German Shepard. When I come home from school, I always see this one playing in its backyard, and its so pretty. Really a beautiful dog. Although I love PETA  I think I would have to get a purebred German Shepard because I would be afraid of the temperament of one that I'd adopt.
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