Lazy Blue Day

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Victoria's Secret PINK yoga activewear / Puma / NIKE racerback sports bra / Lacoste leather chukka boots, $88

Lazy Day in Blue

Based just on the title you might assume that this post is supposed to be how you dress when you are sad. Really though I just meant wearing the color blue. Its funny sometimes I do guides to what to wear for a winter formal  and then the next day I'll do a post like this one that's for lazy days. Today was just a boring day. I'm trying to remember if anything bad happened but I can't even thing of anything. I guess this outfit would be perfect for a rainy day .

  • Victoria's Secret Yoga Pants - $35 Sweatpants really are a big no. That is unless you aren't doing anything in public that day. I understand why people wear them out though, they are super comfortable.  Yoga pants a step up from the average sweatpants too, because they are fitted and have a colored band at the top.
  • Nike Sports Bra -  $25 I've actually done another outfit with a sports bra before, and it was also a dressing down kind of day (sweatpants included) . Really you know when you aren't going to do anything by the bra you wear.
  • Golf Hoodie - $40 Puma makes great hoodies for the days you don't want to go out they breathe with you. And the colors are great.
  • Lacoste Sneakers - $88 Even though these yoga pants are skinny legged it doesn't matter you can still wear sneakers with them. I think that rule only applies to jeans.
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