Grunge Tan

 My friend has a folder with a picture of the Beetles all up on it. I'm not really even sure that she is a fan of them. I think I'd expect something more like a one direction folder from a girl our age. Maybe she is trying to impress a boy though. Which is very possible.
 A screen shot I took of the lock screen on my iphone. I didn't mean to do it! I have clumsy fingers I guess. Speaking of my iphone, I still have my old Nordstrom case on it, which got a complement today.

 Notes in German that were not written to me. I love though the handwriting of the man who wrote them so I decided to take a picture, two actually. Too bad my own handwriting sucks.
A picture of a girl that I sit with at lunch. Actually the girl sitting next to me at lunch took the photos. She has taken these kind of photos before though. I kind of like it though. And if you look really close you can see the school banner thing. I think its supposed to brainwash us.
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