Glad I did

I'm getting tired of school. I mean really tired. This morning I almost didn't make it. The last time I almost didn't make it was because I was afraid to donate blood, but I ended up getting over that and actually it was a rewarding experience. I was able to help someone else, and got a free health screening. I would encourage everyone else to do the same. I even made a guide on what to wear  to help you out a little bit. 

Today the same thing kind of happened again. In the morning I tried to tell my mother I was sick, and if I pushed it, she wouldn't have made me go. I convinced myself to go. First period (which isn't my favorite) came around and I was the only person to receive a 100% on a quiz we took, which is funny because I didn't study, although I am good at history.  Second period was fine. I didn't learn anything new, we just graded papers, but you get credit for being there every day. In third period I did a test retake which significantly improved my grade. In fifth I finished the project that I was worried about getting done, and turned it in.

In my sixth period class which was the one that I was the most worried about I was so glad to be there. We took a vocab test, that I really didn't want to do but I think I did well, and then came what I was really worried about. A project we had to show, I was seriously stress. And guess what we ended up having the best one. Well now I think I'm going to end my day with baking
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