Feeling Uninspired

I've made a goal (that I really shouldn't share) and I aim to keep it. It really is a long term goal, without very many short term goals leading up to it. By long term I mean like five years. So much goes into it too, like my schooling, and my lifestyle blog it really is a little overwhelming. Constantly I think (like I am right now) that there isn't any hope for my poor little plan, and that it'll crash and burn very soon. Its really just hard to stay focused on it. You know what though? Even if I don't "make the plan" I've still gained a lot of experience for it, and maybe my life has changed for the better.

Actually this long term goal, is just an evolution of an old long term goal that I used to have, which is funny because now that goal almost seems possible. Kind of ironic that I don't even want it anymore. One of my first goals, which I might as well tell you was to be a popular blogger. While I may not be there yet I do have a fairly large following and I've actually gotten quite a few cool things from all my hard work. I got a ton of video games from blogging, which do in a round about way help me with my goal. How you ask? Well, I need a lot of money to meet my goal. Those Xbox games I got were something I might have bought anyways and the target gift card is nice to have. Oh and of course I love my Angry Bird.

That is just one example of something I've gotten. I've also received clothes (the cheap kind) and a few beauty products (most of what I review though I have bought myself). Thanks to my blog I also found another site where I do reviews just for them. I have made a little bit of real cash off my blog too, although not enough to be considered a job any any shape or form. Maybe next year it will be enough though.

I think that I've also improved my writing by a ton. Just take a look at my Indian Hair Remedies post for an example of how my writing used to be. Maybe though, how my blog has helped me the most with my future goals is giving me a place to write them down, to remember them. Maybe by doing this I'll feel a little bit more inspired.

Maybe sometime I'll write down all of my goals that lead up to my long term goal that way I don't sound quite so secretive. I really am an open person, honest.  
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