Eggs are Food

 I almost never do everyday food posts! I just don't eat enough interesting things to take pictures of! Not to mention most of the time I just eat really tiny meals, which I'm pretty sure people would judge. But my stomach isn't big enough for a lot of food. But since I haven't been posting lately (if you don't consider my Coquette Corset post)

The first picture is of a salad with lots of stuff on it. I think that green leaf stuff is why I have such a high iron level.
Taco bell! I swear almost every time I go to taco bell I get a nacho bell granda. The food looks bad because I took it with the flash on, and thanks to my iphone case I get a white ring around the whole picture.

Steak that I had last night that was a little too rare. I just didn't eat the inside. It also had too much fat! I hate tasting fat, even if its supposed to add flavor. The mashed potatoes though were amazing! And the vegetables were good!

My dinner. It was okay. A burrito corn and green beans. 

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