Ebay Sells Clothes

Dress Your Bestie with eBay

White scoop neck tee / Skinny leg pants / Open toe pumps / J.Crew bracelets jewelry

Remember when I used to sell stuff on Ebay? I started out with books and basically just continued to sell books. A little boring right? Well after I realized I really wasn't making money I decided to try a new selling plan which worked I guess. But really it isn't worth my effort to sell books on ebay. Instead I just give them away on my blog. Its kind of a reward to my readers and easier for taxes. Not to mention the fact that I don't have to deal with dumb people on Ebay. Remember the man who made me change my shipping after he bought the product to save two dollars or whatever. Seriously I hate awful customers.  Well ebay has this polyvore contest like the converse contest telling you to buy used clothes (or new I don't know). I don't think this can be very cheap either. There is a cut for paypal, and a cut for ebay as well plus shipping.

Maybe I should have labeled this a rant, but its  not my fault! I just don't understand how they can make you have all of these fees and no explanation for them. They don't even give you the option of not paying they just send you an invoice saying they took the money.
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