Earrings on the Cheap

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Forever New drop earrings, $21 / Silver bridal jewelry / Miso peace jewelry, $7.94 / Stud earrings

I have never really been a big fan of earrings. To be honest I stopped wearing them in about 4th grade because I thought that the holes in my ears weren't even and that if I didn't wear any for a very long time, until I was sixteen actually, that my ear holes would grow back in and I could get them redone. Well. All that time and they still didn't grow back. I remember when I went to buy my Tiffany pendant trying on a pair of earring that were really pretty, but I decided not to get them and try something cheaper to start with, because that specific pair was $600. A lot of money for a girl with no job. So I made a list of

Earrings that are Affordable

  • Cara Pave Arrow Drop - Bottom right. These are really pretty. Even though they have a diamond looking material, most likely glass, they don't look like they are trying to be fake expensive earrings. I hate when people wear those kind, its so trashy.
  • Eliana Earrings - These are the most expensive pair at $32 dollars (top left) but I've seen this same style for much more expensive. They are perfect for fall too, although I think winter might be coming, but there is always next year. And then the year after that and so on.
  • Misco 3 Pack - Hearts. Circles. And Peace. These are the cheapest too, at less than $8. They are perfect for everyday wear, and since they are studs they wont get caught on anything, so if you like to fight other girls these might be just for you.
  • Nerd Earrings - I'm really in love with the huge nerd glasses, and if you want to keep that trend going you should wear earrings like these! Although, not at the same time as the glasses because that would be a little too much.
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