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Quilted bag / Alexander McQueen , $3,165 / Versace leather crossbody handbag / Burberry

I really do love designer items. From purses, to shoes, to jackets if I could have everything designer I would. Its not just the brand new "hot off the runway" styles that I'm after but the quality too. Designer pieces are always made so nicely. The problem though, is that I can't afford the prices that designers charge, and I'm going to guess that a lot of my readers can't either. No worries though because I just found this great site, where you can information on designer sales going on. The site has a whole team looking for these discounts to bring them straight to you.

  • Versace Crossbody - This bag is $1,895 (top left). I love the red color and the handles. They actually kind of remind be of a briefcase that a business person would carry around, and I imagine this bag would be perfect for that. Not to mention red is a power color.
  • Alexander McQueen Clutch - This man makes a ton of amazing looking clutches. I could easily make a whole polyvore just about them. They are expensive though, this one (top right) costing just over $3000.
  • Burberry  check - I have a thing for Burberry. That is the stuff that isn't made in china. I have a pair of their rain boots sitting in my closet right now  So I think I can speak to the quality of their products.
  • Chanel Bag - Wow. Their quilted bags are famous, and replicated everywhere. I've had a thing for Chanel for a while now.
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