Coquette Lace and Satin Corset

Normally I like to keep things from being too personal on my blog. Not even just "family friendly". I rarely speak about my personal life (except for the occasional rant ) not mentioning my family or friends, let alone any type of relationships I may or may not have. Today though, I decided I would make a blog post about the my first piece of real lingerie.  I'm doing this post for one because I haven't blogged in forever and two because I think this might be some type of milestone I should remember.

I'm not exactly sure why I bought it, because currently I don't really have a use for it. If you know what I mean. And if you don't well then good for you I guess. I didn't need it but it was pretty, and maybe now that I have a little extra spending money thanks to my blog I'm a little more lose with my money. I think though that this is the first post I've made where I'd feel awkward if my friends read it, good thing they don't know about this blog then...

So here it is. The picture really doesn't do it justice because it really is a pretty piece. I think I should stop using my iPhone to document everything, but it is so much easier than getting out my Nikon D70 and then having to attach a cord to the computer to upload pictures. Now I just take them and email them. 
And here is the back. You can now clearly see that it is a corset. I love the pattern and the lace and satin feel, but I don't like that it shows all your skin in the back (some don't) and the fact that there is so much string. It also came with straps for the top as well as garter straps, if that's your thing.

But I do really love the hanger. Its so fancy, and makes me want to buy more Coquette pieces since all of their stuff comes with these. Right now, its hidden in the far shelf of my closet because I really don't have a separate place for these kind of things. 
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