Clothingloves Haul

I'm not that big of a fan of Clothingloves even though I did do a clothingloves review. I also used to have their banner up and do a short post for them every week where I'd get $5 store credit per review. Well the first thing I bought was a bird letter ring and I was saving up for a winter coat, but they changed their store policy so I had to cash out on the store credit I had which was $20 so I looked through all their products and bought a shirt.

 It took forever to come in the mail. Like a month.
 I do have to say though that clothingloves is one of the only brands that marks their packages correctly.
It was put in a plastic thing. Which is okay I guess. Although my Oasap clothes don't come that way
String was hanging off the button!
 And the shirt looks like something an Amish person would wear. I have no idea how to style this.

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