Chilly Night

 See another post with a misleading title. I really didn't mean the night was cold, I actually meant that I was having chilly (the food) tonight. It wasn't the best chilly I've ever had, but that's because it was made so quickly. I prefer chilly where the meat has had all day in a crock pot. I'm not exactly sure that is what that thing is called and I'm too lazy to Google it so feel free to correct me. 

Now that I think about it, I went out after dark and it was kind of cold outside. I really need to start getting ready for winter. I have all my winter coats down and actually they are on my bed. My bed is big so I don't mind sharing it with a few coats. Its not even me being lazy! I'm just afraid my closet hangers aren't sturdy enough.
Oh yeah and I had some bread. It was previously frozen so it was a little cold when I started eating it, which wasn't great.
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