Because of Cats

I really love cats. I constantly take cat pictures  and sometimes even draw pictures of cats . I think that the photos are pretty good, and the drawings are well... I really want my own cat and I used to have one, but then she died. Of cancer. 

Okay so there are a lot of these pictures and I was going to split them into two different posts but then I realized that one I don't care and two the more cats the better. And some of these photos don't have frames because I was too lazy to add them. Lazy blogger.

 This cat was at my Grandparents and is their neighbor's. It has a collar which means I for sure cant take it.  
 This was the other one that was there. It kind of looks like a lion but I couldn't get a good picture of it.
 This  is a super artistic looking picture in my opinion.  Be jealous of my iPhone talent.
 One that isn't so good.
 I think that with proper editing this could be a good cat photo but I'm too lazy to do it.
 It looks like a dead cat.
I don't know how this photo got at the end because it was one of the first ones I took.
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