Wood Floor

 The wood floors are finally done in my room, which means no more sleeping on the couch as well as having full access to all the clothes that I own instead of just being able to get to the few that were hanging up in my closet. The first picture is of my closet actually, and you can see an actually closet tour by clicking on that link. I think that I might end up adding some kind of white rug to keep the floor from being so cold in the morning because I'm pretty sure in the witter it will be freezing.

The second picture is just a close up of the floor. Its actually bamboo which is why it has all of those little lines in it. I thought that it would be more environmentally friendly, and it looks a little more modern too. The third picture is where the end of my room meets the carpet. See how ugly it is? That's what it was in my room. 
And this is the completed room. You can see the finished paint, and I'm pretty proud of the fact that the trim matches the floor. It wasn't even planned. I'm going to have to be moving all of my stuff in soon and putting the curtains back up again. I think I'll do another room tour sometime, but I have a few more things to fix.
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