Winter Coat


Winter Coat Wear

It isn't quite winter yet, but it's been really cold these past few days, at least where I live anyways. That means its time to start getting the winter clothes out the back of your closet, basement, attic or where ever less you might store your stuff.. I've said this before, but I'm really starting to like doing polyvores. Ever since my What to Wear for Halloween one I just can't stop myself. They're much easier to make than a normal post requiring less time and thought #lazyblogger as well as looking a lot neater and maybe even more professional than the average post. Which is great since I just got a much more professional looking  blog design. And my room is going to be much more professional looking too (does this give you any hints to the color). But back to the Winter Coat guide.

  • Colored Pea Coat - This may not be as in style as the were a few years ago, but trust me that doesn't mean they are going away. They are just as warm as a puffer coat (that some people seem to like nowadays) but much more functional and don't make you look nearly as heavy.
  • Jeans - Seriously its winter. This is not the time to wear shorts and skirts. This is the time that you don't have to shave your legs for days, or even moisturize them. Wait... Am I the only one that does that? Oh well I guess you know my secret now.
  • Heeled Boots - High heels are still a must, unless of course its snowing. A lot. Then snow boots are okay. These heels though will be super warm and cozy so you don't have any risk of frost bite.
  • Backpack - Unless its absolutely necessary  don't carry a purse in the winter. Even if you don't think there is ice I'm going to say don't risk it. With a backpack if you slip then you don't have to worry about dropping it. Its all right there.
  • Fingerless gloves - Mittens work too. Both are super cute and keep you warm. Not to mention they don't age you like normal gloves can do. Leather ones are the worst.
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