Walmart School Trip

 Remember how I TA in the special needs department? Well the other day, Thursday I think, I got to go on a a field trip. One of the only ones I've taken since high school. But is isn't to exciting because it was to Walmart. I've actually done a Walmart haul before where I bought interesting stuff, but that didn't happen this time. It was all business, and by all business I mean we just bought food. Oh yeah and some cotton swabs. So practical stuff. 

Since there were only a few people going, we ended up taking the short bus. I call it the short bus because its less than half the length of one of the normal school buses.  It is also very short height wise too, because if I had been an inch taller I would have hit my head on the ceiling. I'm not even a tall person.
This is the only bus I've been on where you have to wear a seat belt so I had to document it. The person who previously sat there must have been thin as well because I didn't have to adjust it at all. I was wearing something from a Nordstrom Rack Haul as well as a Tj Maxx Haul and I looked classy. Maybe a little too nice for Walmart actually.

 Awkward pictures down the aisles. The second one with all the ceiling I didn't even mean to take. But don't the lights look nasty? Kind of like a warehouse more than a store.
We ended up going through a self checkout line so that the students could learn a little bit more about shopping, and a woman so cut in front of us. If I were bigger I so would have gotten in a fight with her.
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