Uncooked Chicken

 Apple Sauce! Best thing ever when you add cinnamon. Best part is that I don't feel guilty eating it though 
 Eggs that I boiled to make a chef's salad (not pictured). I had no idea how long to boil them so unlike a smart person who would look it up on the internet I decided to boil them for over an hour. I guess you can't over cook boiled eggs. 

 Milk. Supposed to be good for your bones, but I'm not sure how true that is although it might be because the government subsidized  it.
 My mother just bought the Halloween candy. And I started eating it. So I think its safe to assume she's going to have to buy more. A lot more.

A chicken that I had to start. Kind of makes me want to stop eating meat.

Since I'm super terrible at remembering to take pictures of my food you haven't been seeing any of these lately. Its laziness! Which I guess is okay because I do a ton of other blogging.  I mean look at my Cetaphil Facial Cleaner Review you have to admit that its pretty good post. Not to mention I've done reviews for just like that for all the beauty products in my house. And then what about my What to wear for Halloween post, I've been doing a lot of those. As well as some drawings... So maybe I'm not lazy.
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