Unconscionable Book Review

Book Review
A Rich Coleman Novel Volume III
By William Manchee

About the Book 

Rich Coleman's son Ryan finally graduates from law school and is anxious to start practicing law. While in law school he meets and falls in love with Amanda Sherman, a classmate who doesn't want to practice law but has her sights on a career as a literary agent. When Ryan hears this he remembers that his father has written a true crime book about the murder of Martha Collins, his mother's aunt. He tells Amanda about the book and she is estatic with the prospect of it being her first placement. Unfortunately, she soon discovers Rich and his wife, Erica, don't want the book published and won't say why. She suspects it is because it contains some incriminating evidence against one or both of them. 

While Amanda schemes to get Rich's book published, Matt Coleman petitions the court to overturn his conviction for bankruptcy fraud now that everyone knows he was innocent of the crime. Besides clearing his name he wants to get his law license back. Rick tries to help him as he wants Matt to begin a crusade against predatory mortgage lenders who he believes are pillaging consumers all across the nation. The need to get Matt reinstated becomes more urgent when a client comes in with a great case for the firm to prosecute and Rich lines up a mole in Reliable Mortgage Servicing, the loan servicing company involved who wants to help bring them down.

Matt still grieving his first wife Lynn's murder a few years earlier finally strikes up a relationship with the owner of an escort service Candy Kane. The relationship starts off slow but eventually blooms into a love affair. But just when he thinks he is finally getting his life back on track Candy is kidnapped and Matt fears she's going to suffer the same fate as Lynn.

My thoughts

 This book is like three in one. First you have a love story of a young man falling in love with a girl, which takes an exciting twist into a murder mystery. Then you have another man who is trying to get his life back together after his wife dies and he is accused of a crime he didn't commit. William Manchee puts all of this together in an amazing way that is easy, and enjoyable to read. Leaving you on edge until the final chapter.

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