The Fantasy Fallacy

Book Review
The Fantasy Fallacy
by Shannon Ethridge

Erotica has invaded more than our minds - it has exploded onto our best seller lists and into our bedrooms.

Many are looking for sexual and emotional fantasies as avenues to fulfillment. Our fantasies however are not reliable guides into the future - they are actually rocky road maps from our pasts. Best selling author Shannon Ethridge theorizes "Fantasies are simply the brain's way of trying to heal itself from unresolved tragedies and traumas. We mentally compartmentalize our pain to make room for pleasure"

Fantasies have deep psychological roots and if acted on many of them can do deep psychological damage. Rather than let fantasies rule us, let's take out the sting and bring them under God's rule. allowing the Lord to heal us from brokenness and insecurities that cause inappropriate fantasies to haunt us.

Without being judgmental or condemning, Shannon helps us dissect several common and often disturbing topics such as 
  • a distorted fascination with pornography
  • the mental pursuit of multiple partners
  • the lure of gay and lesbian desires
  • bondage, domination and sadomasochism (BDSM)
With tips for controlling unwanted fantasies and resources for providing a safe haven for recovery, The Fantasy Fallacy helps us recognize and heal our emotional pain and equips us to help others do the same.

About the Author

Shannon Ethridge is an international speaker and certified life coach. She has a master's degree in counseling/human relations from Liberty University and is author of the million copy best selling Every Woman's Battle series.

My thoughts.

I'm really not a fan of Fifty Shades of Grey, I could go on and on about how awkward it is was when I saw a high school girl sitting next to me reading it and that maybe I'm just too conservative.  That's why I was excited to read this book. I have to say that I love how its written. Its easy to understand and is more of a non judgmental guide.

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