Tennis Shoes


Converse hi top shoes / Converse star shoes, $63 / Desigual , $98 / Miu Miu glitter flat shoes / Keds flat heels / Keds star shoes

I know. I know even before my Von Maur haul I haven't  been that into tennis shoes, and not just on this blog either. Except for my morning jogs (which are rare) I might wear tennis shoes once a month. They just aren't dressy enough. I don't want to look comfortable. I want to look good. I have though been feeling a little like wearing tennis shoes lately though. Maybe its because its fall break or maybe because the weather is getting cold, but either way I know I can't do it. My Puma Memories post is there for a reason. Because tennis shoes, for the most part, are just a memory... Although those Miu Miu glitter sneakers are really cute, good thing I can't afford them!  
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