Tape the Wood

 So I've been taping up the baseboards around my room as well as whatever you call that wood that goes around the door. This is of course in preparation for painting the walls. Now I'm not going to tell you what color I'm going to do it, but I'm pretty sure no one is going to get it, and not because its some super fancy color name that nobody knows, because its not. Its actually very well known.  And once that's done I'm going to do a few simple drawings. Don't worry they wont be anything like my heart flower drawing.

Anyways the actual reason I'm doing this is because in less than two weeks I'm getting brand new bamboo floors put in. So its kind of a now or never thing with the paint, because it would be terrible to spill paint on those floors. I'm doing all the painting myself to save money (that is going right back to the room via the wood floors) which I don't see why anyone would pay someone to do. I mean really. 

Since this stuff is going on. I'm not sure that I'll be able to to many reviews  like my purple shampoo review, or guides like my dresses for fat girls guide.
 Here's the nasty carpet that's about to go. Its like fifteen years old and super gross. This is the first tape I started using.
 The side of the door that was about impossible to get. I mean seriously nobody is going to see if I accidentally  paint the wood there.
 And here is the finished door. Although I still had to do the closet door at this point. Oh and I'm going to be getting new switches and door handles sometime soon.
 The new tape I bought after running out of the other. Its literally twice as thick.
 The bed that is now pulled awkwardly away from the wall. I'm going to feel like I'm on display while I sleep tonight.

The door corner that I did perfectly. Look at that art. And here's the wall showing you how thick the second tape really is.

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