Striped Shirt Order

My Oasap credit was finally renewed. The reason it took so long was because of the Chinese national holiday, which is a week long. I'm not exactly sure how the country functions without people working for so long (although I'm sure doctors and nurses have to), but I wish the United States had a week instead of just one day. 

  Here's what I ordered. A Medium Sleeve long length cut striped loose t shirt. At first I wasn't sure about this shirt but then I saw it on their customer reviews and I loved the picture of someone wearing it in blue, so that's what I got. You can order your own Oasap shirt  and then we can match! But don't forget to use the code  HannaLei so you can get a discount. 

Oh and the customer review I was talking about before. If you take a picture of yourself wearing the outfit and then post it to the site they'll give you $4 towards your next purchase. 

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