Striped Sailor Shirt

Remember that shirt from Oasap that I blogged about a few weeks ago? Well it came in the mail this weekend and I wore it out today so I figured I could do a short outfit post about it, since Oasap was kind enough to give it to me. As you can see my wood flooring (bamboo actually) is finally done and I was able to move back in my room. 

 I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but I really love these mirror photos. Not even kidding. I actually like them better than the outdoor photos I've seen a lot of people do. More realistic I  guess, since its not like I go tromping around the woods in pretty clothes. If you're wondering why there aren't any pictures with my feet its because I'm not wearing any shoes. I could have went and got the shoes I wore and taken pictures that way, but I guess I'm too lazy.
I love this photo. I think it has to do with the coloration, but anyways you can buy this striped shirt from or really any other type of clothing. They have a ton.
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