Staying Here

So my fall break is in full swing now, and this may sound a little weird, but I'd love nothing better than to spend it all at home. Okay maybe not all but at least a week.  See by mid January I want to have my blog as a part time business. Right now I'm a little less than half way there. Actually maybe a fourth of the way. It would be going a little better but I actually decided to stop my eBay selling ( more about that later)  So by staying home all week I plan on writing beauty reviews for all the stuff in my house, doing back links, and still writing an everyday life or everyday food post. 

 My shoes sitting on the back seat of my car. I was thinking out removing them because they are kind of dirty, but then I didn't care. I hope that stuff wipes off though because I've already thrown away two pairs of shoes recently.
 An accidental picture of a blanket I have on my bed. Its been so cold lately I had to go get it even though it doesn't match my room. Oh yeah, and it has cats all over it.
 After I did my Avon Moisture Therapy Lotion review, I've still been slathering this stuff on. No more dry skin. 
 Remember my Ponds Towelettes Review well I just ran out of them... So now I'm sad. But another target beauty bag should be coming soon.
Eggs. The cage free kind.
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