Star Lake Drawing

A drawing of a star falling into a lake. As you can see it hasn't quite gotten there yet, but its going to. Oh  so close. Although since it is a drawing it is kind of stuck in time which is a little sad if you think about it. Although it really isn't anyone's fault. I guess its actually okay because this is just a drawing and not a real thing. But if you look at the water it looks like something already fell in because it has little waves. So maybe the star just jumped out of the water. I guess its possible that all the stars actually came from the ocean and just flew to the sky one day. If this was the middle ages then (I wouldn't be writing this blog) I would tell the world of my brand new idea. 

Do you like how I ramble on and on? I'm doing it because of search engine optimization, which I'm just starting to get the hang of. Basically the more I write (to an extent) the high I am in search results. So yeah. If you want to see my actually writing take a look at my Nair Roll on Wax review or my What to wear for Halloween 2012 post.
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