Sleepy Checkers

 So I don't think I've ever shown you guys a picture of my dog. I always take pictures of my African Grey Parrot , but my dog is too hard to photograph. Here face and eyes are just so dark... I may be doing a full introduction on here later (like when I got her why I named her checkers etcetera)but today I'm going to focus on why she's so sleepy... 

On Monday I went with my father to veterinarian with Checkers. She's been having really bad skin problems, from all the scratching she's done she is even has bald patches on her stomach. Oh yeah and she smells bad so I've been bathing her at least once a week.  While we were waiting for the vet to come in the vet's assistant tried to put her up on the examining table but Checkers was so was afraid so she peed. Not on the woman, but on the floor which I guess isn't so bad.

Anyways the doctor said that she has an allergy to something and also a little bit of fleas. The fleas are because I bathe her so much, so her medicine isn't as potent and its possible it allergic to those. But what am I supposed to do? She smells terrible.

But he ended up giving us three different medications for her to take and made another appointment for her at the end of the month when all the medicines are used up. We will see what needs to be done then, but so far they are working and she hasn't been scratching as much. But they do have the affect of making her super sleepy which is kind of funny though.

Oh yeah and she has a tumor thing on her foot which is super sad since she's only like six. He's going to test that (for cancer) when we go to back to the vet too. 

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