Skirts NOT to Wear

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Jeremy Scott wool skirt, $445 / Juicy Couture short plaid skirt, $235 / Skirt / Warehouse feather skirt, $130 / Sheer skirt

What You Shouldn't Wear

I normally do polyvores on what you should wear, like my guide for 2012 Halloween, and my Dresses for Fat Girls Guide.. But having a guide for what not to wear can be just as important. That's why I made this polyvore for skirts that you should not wear, because they are ugly, and will make even the nicest shoes and top look terrible. I was going to do a post on my room finally getting finished painting, but  removing the tape from the wood trim wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. Oh  I've yet to finish my Cool Hand Luke Project and I'm going to the escape estate in the morning so who knows when it will get in.

The Skirts

  • Plaid Skirt - I really don't like plaid. No one but school girls actually wears it, and people pretending to be school girls. That's how it should stay too. It isn't flattering on anyone and doesn't go well with any type of shirt. If it ever becomes a high fashion trend (which it won't) I'm not even going to wear it then.
  • Cartoon Print Skirt - Cartoon prints are adorable... On shirts. Now this could look okay with a white skirt, but it would look cute if this were a simple black skirt and the print was on a tucked in T-shirt.
  • Feather Skirt - This might actually be okay if you are planning on being an ostrich for your Halloween costume. But seriously its going to shed which is a great way to get noticed if that's  your thing.
  • Triangle skirt - I don't even know what to call this thing. I feel like if you were Amish then this would be okay. But really its awful. I'll even say it again. Awful.
  •  Religious Skirt - I love the fit and the length of this skirt, but not the pattern. I don't even like when people wear things like this on their shirts. It's creepy. 
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