Skeleton Shirt

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How to Wear a Skeleton Shirt

Halloween's coming up. I already wrote a What to wear for a Halloween Party guide. So here's a another guide. How to wear the super cool graphic shirt, that's really in how. The skeleton T-shirt. And I don't think this trend is going away anytime soon.  PETA has a line of skeleton animal shirts. I'm actually getting a PETA shirt (not the skeleton one) that I talked about during my clothingloves scam rant it might actually be at the post office though. I really am starting to hate the post office too. But back to the outfit.

  • Skeleton T-Shirt - Okay this is pretty much the most important thing. You are gonna need a skeleton shirt. Either black on white or white on black will work. Just make sure its short sleeve although a tank top might work too!
  • Bright Blue Jeggings - Any neon color will work, but on almost all skin color this blue will look amazing. A green would look good too. I'd stay away from high lighter yellow though.
  • Black High Heels - Strappy shoes work best, and black is a must. Not only will it match your shirt but it won't take away attention from your jean's super bright color.
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