Rude Asian

I always thought, aren't Americans the rudest, most demanding culture. Rude, and hostile as well as giving nothing in return. I even wrote a blog post on a Buay Paiseh person that expected me to give them cheaper shipping ( but yet have me pay the extra fees associated with this) so that they could save about two dollars on the book the bought from me on eBay.   Now don't get me wrong, that was rude, but as of recently I've seen much worse with Asians (who actually live in Asia this isn't a racial thing).

As my blog has become a little bit more popular I've been lucky to get a few sponsors from time to time. I get a few American sponsors, but the vast majority are actually from Asia. They sponsor things like makeup and clothing for me, which is great. But they are so demanding. I really don't get all that much from them (less than 20USD worth of stuff) but they expect so much. 

Oasap. Now I used to LOVE my first clothing sponsor Oasap. I started out as a small blog and I thought it was amazing that they gave me $15 store credit, and all I had to do was post their  banner on my site and write about the stuff I bought. Even though my first Oasap review  wasn't all that great they continued to renew my credits. Now, I have five times as many blog followers as I did when I began working with Oasap but yet I still only get $15. And worse yet its been almost a month since I have had my credits renewed even though I blogged multiple times. I tried emailing them three times and have yet to have a response. Oh yeah and they had this "pin for $25 coupon" which made it seem if you posted on pintrest that they'd give you $25 store credit. But what they don't tell you is that its a coupon for $25 off your purchase of $50 or more.

My KKcenterHK Haul seemed pretty straight forward. I just review the product and then post about it. Now mind you its only valued at $3. I had seven pictures featuring the eyeshadow, and when I emailed them the link the first thing they did was ask me for more pictures and required me to add extra links. Oh yeah, and then they used my pictures on their site, without even telling me. A blog reader told me they were on the site.

Last but not least is clothingloves. Every week for $5 store credit I am supposed to write a hundred word post with two links containing key words that they provide. The first two times it was fine and they said they "loved my post" but the third time they became really rude. Even though I had all the requirements they "asked" me to add more links and change links that were back to previous posts I did for them to links directly to their site. And by asked I mean make because they didn't give me store credit until I did their suggestions. Oh and I ordered something from them over two weeks ago and it has yet to come so its possibly a rip off. 

Now this isn't to say all Asian brands are bad, because both of my circle lens sponsors were amazing to work with.  I have just be surprised at how rude some asians can be. I always thought they were extremely polite people.
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