Red Apple

 My friend decided to take my phone during study hall and take a few pictures. She really just took random photos, but art can be anything so I decided to post them anyways. Not to mention I think they'll be great to look back at.
Hanna Marie Lei
 Me hiding while she took my photo. Which was pretty dumb considering if I didn't like the photo I could just delete it. But I do like the picture (that's why I posted it), and my hair looks fancy. Maybe I don't need to be using my flat iron and chi iron guard.
 This photo actually looks artistic. Good job number one.
 Same subjects in the photo, but now the lunch box is the focus.
 People sitting at my table in study hall.  I actually blurred them out a little bit more, but in case you're curious they're both pretty.
This was the apple at lunch. It was pink on the inside. I don't think that this is normal, so if half the lunch eaters at my school die you'll know why.
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