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Burberry coat, $1,620 / Mango slim fit jeans $60  / Hunter rubber boots $135 / Ann Taylor Infinity Scarf  $138 / Women's Rolex

What To Wear In the Rain

Its been really grey and rainy lately so I figured I should do a guide on what you should where when the weather is rainy. Seriously though, rainy (and grey) days are my favorite. I have big eyes, which are even bigger with circle lenses, and the sun isn't fun. I mean I wear sunglasses but the world isn't the same tinted. I don't like to squint. But I also don't like to get wet which tends to happen when it rains so I made this outfit post so that you can see my tips and tricks. Which happen to be very simple.

  • Burberry Trench Coat -  This is a little bit expensive, but Burberry knows how to make a good rain coat, so its going to be worth it. Trench coats are the ideal coats for the rain too because the water goes right over them. Not to mention you can look like a super cool detective.
  • Hunter Rubber Boots - I actually have a pair of  Burberry boots, but I couldn't find those on polyvore so I figured Hunter rain boots were pretty close. Rain boots are a must because trust me wet feet suck.
  • Mango Slim Fit Jeans - You want jeans with a slim fit so that you can tuck them in your boots. I don't recommend wearing a skirt because if its windy awkward things could happen.
  • Infinity Scarf  - I really don't like umbrellas. If its windy it doesn't work, and even if it does where ever you end up putting it get super wet and then you have to carry it around. That's why a scarf is so much better. You put it up over your head and it keeps your hair dry.
  • Diamond Rolex - I'm a big fan of Swiss watches and I just had to add one to this rainy day polyvore.
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