Primer Painting

Today I spent all day doing the primer for my room to get ready for the new paint color. I had to do this because before, as you can see in my taping the baseboards post that the walls are bright pink. And... Now they are going to be white! I know. It sounds super boring, but my room is so small that I really need a light color to make it appear a little larger.

 This is the lid that was put on the primer. Actually its a super good idea so that stuff doesn't end up spilling everywhere.  

Before I could start I had to take off all the outlets which wasn't as terrible as I thought. But they look so ugly!
And here it is finished. All it needs now is one coat of white paint and we should be good. At most maybe two. If you're wondering why it looks so dark and gross, its not actually how my room looks. Its a drama filter that I use. So don't blame the paint primer.
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