Poached Again

Remember the first time I made poached eggs? Well, I've been practicing and as long as you don't take into account my first attempt you can actually see the improvements, which are very evident in the second egg. I made both of these as a snack but the first one wasn't quite done enough so I ended up giving it to the dog. Not to mention it was ugly. 
 After I made the first one I had all this extra white egg stuff that was still left in the pan. I guess its cause the egg didn't stick together.
 The same thing happened with some yoke so I had to take that out and I gave it to my African Grey Parrot. She loves eggs.
 The second one I made was perfect, if you don't notice the white egg part hanging off of it. But I guess that can just be cut off.
And the finished egg. It was done almost perfectly. I did have a problem with a slight vinegar taste so I think next time I'll use a flavored kind.
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