Peta Veggie Burger Tee

Remember how during my Rude Asian rant I mentioned I was getting a shirt from PETA? Well, here it is. Its an I *heart* Veggie Burgers short sleeved tee, and its super cute.  Yellow really isn't my color but its the only one they had available on the street team rewards.  Speaking of street team, you seriously need to join. They give you totally free stickers every 6 weeks (you have to send for them) and you can earn points towards cool stuff for doing things to help animals. I earned this t-shirt just from sending out emails (a ton though) and I remember got a sweatshirt, lipbalms and a lunchbox which I could do now if I had the time. 

Oh and I'm sorry for how awful this picture is. It was taken in the office because my room looks awful after the primer was put on the walls. I mean it still has all the tape and sheets over the furniture. I didn't even sleep there last night. But next time I do an outfit post it'll be in my redecorated room with brand new paint and floors. 

 It came in a small envelope, and best of all I didn't have to sign for it. Which I hate doing. 
 Here it is. New floors next week so this may be the last time I have to set stuff on that nasty carpet to take pictures!

I love the little peta2 logo on the side.

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