Own Opinions

You can have your own opinions, but I can't have mine.

I actually did a blog post about this girl way back in January about her bipolar attitude. Since then though we have actually been pretty good friends, and other than one incident she hasn't seemed that bad. Okay maybe two. But really they weren't that big of a deal. I could easily ignore it and just see it for what it was, you being attention seeking. 

The other day though was just too annoying. I mean really. We were sitting at lunch with another girl #nofriends and talking about people and their kids. Then out of no where you say something stupid about people with special needs children being selfish and terrible parents because they just "put their kids away". Because you would know. You would know what it's like to have a special needs child (not that I would). I then say that I would have an abortion if I had found out I was going to have a child with downs syndrome that I would have an abortion. Now this is a little bit of an extreme view, but honestly I couldn't take care of one. Not to mention they'd suffer their whole life with an plethora of serious medical issues.

This is when you informed me that "Downs Syndrome children are as smart as everyone else they just can't express themselves" and then I told you this was SOME autistic children. You yelled at me how wrong I was. 

Seriously look it up 99.8% have moderate to severe mental retardation. At least pretend you know what you're talking about when you say it.

Oh and afterwards you told me that I shouldn't even be a special needs TA and proceeded to ignore me the rest of the day. Funny thing is you don't even know someone with downs syndrome so you have no right to be offended. But I guess the person who makes the biggest deal of something seems to "win". 

Now I just need to find a new ride home on Mondays. Then I can ignore you for the next eight weeks. Oh, and maybe you should find somewhere else to sit. If you say one more thing about it, I'm not afraid to make you leave.
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