Old Time Candy

 My parents went on a "date" to some event celebrating the city's heritage. The feature was a movie theater that had been there for like a hundred years (not actually that long I think), but it was a black tie event and according to them actually fun. They had a friend who was playing in the orchestra... Anyways this is the candy that they brought home which would have been around at the time the theater was built. I tried some of it... But wasn't too impressed. I think I prefer my Meiji Yan Yan
I threw away two of my favorite pairs of flat shoes. Both of which as Steve Madden's. They were all worn out and the print pair had even lost its shape and wouldn't fit on my feet anymore. Remember my Von Maur Shoe Haul? That was to replace some of my aging shoes, I've just been delaying getting rid of them.

 A pencil I stole from some kid in my class. I ended up giving it back, but only because he's twice my size literally. If I didn't he may have killed me.

There were no chairs in my class room so I was forced to sit on a table... But don't my new Chinese Laundry Gold Flats look cute? And my legs look fat but that's another story.

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