Not Finished

 The first day of my second week of fall break. That's what today is. Not only is it the second week though, its also the last, which means I have a lot of homework to do. And when I say a lot, I really don't mean a lot because its only three things. Two AP Stats Questions which will take a maximum of three hours to complete , an AP Stats project that I already finished but might want to re do. And the only one that I'm worried about  an essay for my film literature class. I've barely even started and it has to be four pages. Well four pages double spaced, but the teacher said "around two thousand words". Worst part is that I hated the movie. 

Even though its 2000 words and I've not really started (as you can see by the Microsoft document above) I'm not too worried because it isn't an AP class. It isn't even honors. Since I'm in an AP English class, and do fairly well, I think that my writing should be good enough without major revision... If you're thinking something mean about how my blog writing is then GO AWAY. I do this for me!   

 See I do have a little bit of it done as you can see by the paper. Really its just some basic ideas I wrote down. If you think my hand writing is awful, its because it is but I'm going to blame the grunge filter I used.
And here's how I tried to find out what the theme of the movie was which is what the whole essay is supposed to be based off of. I found nothing. But I do love the little Google sketch.
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