Mold Bread

 The first three pictures are of my "midnight snack" that I had last night. First bread with butter. Except I thought that the bread was moldy because it had so black lines on the bottom so after one, large, piece I stopped eating it. It turns out though that it was just a little bit of burnt stuff from the oven it was in.
 And then a ate some cottage cheese which I've heard makes you fat. Which is okay because I didn't eat very much of it.
 Also, I ate a can of vegetable soup. Notice how I'm too lazy to put it in another bowl before I start eating it. It was a little watery so I did end up pouring some down the sink.
 Chinese food I had for lunch today. Chicken and snow peas. Honestly I really don't like Chinese food all that well, but I do like fortune cookies. That kind of makes up for it.
My fortune. We need to attract people who create more light than heat. That's deep. Oh and below it is my stuff to go. I ended up giving it to my mother.
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